Dear Researcher, I fear that I am becoming too dependent on my partner. He provides a lot of emotional and practical support. Yet, he doesn’t seem to rely on me as much. Will this become an issue for me? Signed, Mary Hey Mary! It is important to keep in mind that receiving a lot… Read More

Dear researcher, I feel like my best friend Cathy is devoting too much into her relationship, and I believe her boyfriend is not as devoting as she is. I am kind of worried about her situation. Should I stop her or talk with her boyfriend? Or is it a normal thing in a relationship? Thanks,… Read More

Dear Researcher, I feel like my boyfriend isn’t being as supportive as he could be. How can I be sure that he still likes me? Is there any research on how I can make him be more responsive to me? Sincerely, Sad and Confused   Dear Sad and Confused, When life starts to get stressful… Read More

Dear Researcher, I’ve been seeing some articles here and there saying that attachment style can change over time. If that’s true, what can anxiously or avoidantly attached people do to become more securely attached? A curious worrier, Jane   Hi Jane, The flexibility of attachment style in the psychological community is still being debated, but… Read More

Among psychologists and the general public, there has been a commonly held belief that a mother’s parenting style plays a central role in her child’s attachment style. In reality, maternal caregiving or maternal sensitivity is only one small factor in the development of a child’s later attachment style (Fraley, Roisman, Booth-LaForce, Owen, & Holland, 2013). Unfortunately,… Read More

For people who are interested in learning more about the closeness induction task that you read about for tomorrow’s class, you can read a NYT article about it here. To find out more about the original authors’ intent for the article, check out Elaine Aron’s blog here. Finally, if you want to try the questions yourself, they are… Read More

Hello Close Relationships Students! I am excited to launch our new blog site. Please see our class handout for instructions on how to make a post, but here is a reminder of the different categories that you can use as you develop your posts:  “Relationships and Pop Culture” – 400-500 word examination of a celebrity… Read More