Hello Close Relationships Students! I am excited to launch our new blog site. Please see our class handout for instructions on how to make a post, but here is a reminder of the different categories that you can use as you develop your posts:

  •  “Relationships and Pop Culture” – 400-500 word examination of a celebrity relationship (real or fictional) using multiple journal articles/relationship concepts.
  • Fact Checker” – 400-500 word examination of a claim you find in the media. Think of this as “I read/heard that ___, but in reality the research says ___”
  •  “Hot Topic” – 400-500 word review of a particular research area that summarize findings from a handful of articles (e.g., “Top 10 reasons for ___” or “A Step by Step Guide for ___”)
  • Q&A”– Pose an interesting question about relationships, then provide a 400-500 word answer backed up by research. This can take the form of an advice column (i.e., write a fictional “Dear Researcher” letter to then respond to).

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