Dear Researcher, I have been crazy in-love with this guy and I have no idea why! The worst part is that I know he isn’t good for me and our long term-goals aren’t aligned, but for some reason I can’t shake these feelings! I thought there was some evolutionary or biological reason we fall in-love;… Read More

  You can say goodbye to your weekly doctor visits. Love has facilitating mechanisms for beneficial motivation and behavior (Tobias Esch & George B. Stefano, 2005). Falling in love has also been found to increase oxytocin, the “happy hormone,” and decrease stress levels (Tobias Esch & George B. Stefano, 2005). Decreased stress levels mean an… Read More

Myth: If you catch your partner looking at another attractive person that means your relationship is in trouble. Fact: Although seeing your partner look at other attractive people (when they should be paying attention to you) is bound to make you uncomfortable or angry, in most cases there is nothing to be worried about. It… Read More

Have you ever wondered what typed of relationship/marriage therapy is the best? Have you ever wanted to seek relationship help but don’t think you need intense relationship intervention? The Marriage Check-Up (MC) might be the perfect fit for you! In this article I’ll outline research on the MC and explain six important pieces of information… Read More

Dear Abby, My husband and I have been fighting a lot recently. While he generally apologizes, his apologies never seem genuine. Sometimes I think he is apologizing simply so I will forgive him, and has no intention of changing his behavior. Although reluctantly, I do always forgive him and I think he is starting to… Read More

Dear Researcher, My fiancé is getting surgery in a couple of weeks, and although we are very happy we do occasionally have conflicts, I am worried that I may add additional stress to the situation. I have been reading articles about how stress can impact wound healing, specifically, how more stress can lead to a… Read More

Dear Researcher, I need help!! My best friend Rachel is about to get married to her on-again, off-again boyfriend of many years, Barry. Rachel has expressed doubts about getting married, but claims Barry has no doubts at all, so she is optimistic that her relationship will improve and is planning to go ahead with her… Read More

Break-ups are hard. Not only can the end of a romantic relationship cause emotional distress, but when you lose a partner you may feel like you are also losing a part of yourself (Slotter, Gardner & Finkel, 2010). Through administering surveys, analyzing blogs, and carrying out a longitudinal diary study, researchers found that people who… Read More

Myth: A relationship’s level of romance remains consistent over time- you will never feel more or less passionate love for your partner than you do right now. Fact: Although many people believe that their passionate feelings toward their partner are static, the reality is, the longer a relationship lasts, the more likely individuals are to… Read More

Dear Researcher, My fiance and I are an interracial couple and although we are very happy and our family approves of our relationship, there are many in society who don’t. I have been reading a lot about lack of relationship satisfaction and commitment in interracial couples compared to intraracial couples. Is this true? Thanks, Beth… Read More