Dear Researcher, I need help!! My best friend Rachel is about to get married to her on-again, off-again boyfriend of many years, Barry. Rachel has expressed doubts about getting married, but claims Barry has no doubts at all, so she is optimistic that her relationship will improve and is planning to go ahead with her… Read More

Break-ups are hard. Not only can the end of a romantic relationship cause emotional distress, but when you lose a partner you may feel like you are also losing a part of yourself (Slotter, Gardner & Finkel, 2010). Through administering surveys, analyzing blogs, and carrying out a longitudinal diary study, researchers found that people who… Read More

Myth: A relationship’s level of romance remains consistent over time- you will never feel more or less passionate love for your partner than you do right now. Fact: Although many people believe that their passionate feelings toward their partner are static, the reality is, the longer a relationship lasts, the more likely individuals are to… Read More

Dear Researcher, My fiance and I are an interracial couple and although we are very happy and our family approves of our relationship, there are many in society who don’t. I have been reading a lot about lack of relationship satisfaction and commitment in interracial couples compared to intraracial couples. Is this true? Thanks, Beth… Read More

  Dear Researcher, I fear that I am becoming too dependent on my partner. He provides a lot of emotional and practical support. Yet, he doesn’t seem to rely on me as much. Will this become an issue for me? Signed, Mary Hey Mary! It is important to keep in mind that receiving a lot… Read More

Dear researcher, I feel like my best friend Cathy is devoting too much into her relationship, and I believe her boyfriend is not as devoting as she is. I am kind of worried about her situation. Should I stop her or talk with her boyfriend? Or is it a normal thing in a relationship? Thanks,… Read More

Dear Researcher, I feel like my boyfriend isn’t being as supportive as he could be. How can I be sure that he still likes me? Is there any research on how I can make him be more responsive to me? Sincerely, Sad and Confused   Dear Sad and Confused, When life starts to get stressful… Read More